A Fall Favorite: Alembika

At last, it's October. Although it's still soooooo warm here, the rest of the world is experiencing fall. Fall is the time of year to think of travel, upcoming holidays, and cooler weather. Alembika is a line I picked up about 4 years ago and it’s a perfect fit for fall and winter festivities. With that being said, I have increased what I carry each season, as my customers seem to really like it.

Alembika was founded in 2005 by two women. The first is fashion designer Hagar Alembik, a graduate of the Shenkar School of Design. The second is Judith Fadon, PhD, an anthropologist. This brand designs and manufactures exclusive and high fashion Israeli clothing, offering a selection for all sizes to all shapes.

Alembika believes that women's fashion should make you feel comfortable with your body, not the body you're working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have. Alembika encourages you to feel comfortable with the body you have right now.

There are many great pieces from twist dresses, perfect for travel, to wide leg knit pants. The prints are amazing and the fabrics are easy and feel yummy!

Side Note: If you watch Frankie and Grace, with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, this is what Lily Tomlin wears a lot of on the show.

Come by and check out Alembika! We currently have fall pieces in now and Holiday coming this month!

Aloha and happy traveling if your lucky to be doing that! Otherwise stay cool and enjoy the season!

- Barbara @ Waterlily Maui


The Perfect Brooklyn Find: G. Kero


I always love finding new lines to carry at WaterLily and the stories behind them. This spring I got to visit my daughter, Christina, in Brooklyn. After she made my hair look fabulous, I had some time to kill while she finished up her other clients. She suggested I check out the neighborhood, that there are a lot of cute shops around. Sure enough the first little boutique I stepped into, I spotted this gorgeous colored blouse with amazing artwork on the most irresistible fabric. I tried it, felt fabulous fit beautifully, then I saw another in more my daughters colors, so had to get 2. Found out, these beautiful works of art are printed on fabric, they are numbered and only limited prints per year. The line and artist are from Paris, and these pieces are made in Portugal. I was able to get in touch with them, and it’s now in store! The skirt flew out. I will be reordering! It’s a perfect Maui skirt. Be sure to come in and see and feel!! Some of the prints are a little risque!! Check them closely….